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"Details determine product quality, quality creates corporate value" is the quality concept of Chenyang people. Chenyang Chemical regards quality as life. Since the establishment of the factory, it has implemented total quality management (TQM) and established a complete and effective quality management system. All links of the production process are implemented in accordance with GMP standards, which has a high level quality reputation in the domestic market.

Its N,N'-dibenzylethylenediamine series products are one of the two domestic manufacturers with advanced production equipment, mature production technology, and stable and reliable quality. The product is an important pharmaceutical intermediate, used in the production of long-acting penicillin G, long-acting penicillin V, long-acting cephalosporins and other drugs.

The production of its nickel-based series of catalysts is based on advanced technology and independent innovation as the carrier. The products have formed significant features and advantages in the fields of activity, stability, new and high efficiency.

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