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Chenyang Chemical held 2014 fire drill

(July 18) Chenyang Chemical held the 2014 fire drill: in order to further do a good job in safety production, improve the awareness of safety responsibility and fire safety awareness of all employees of the plant, and ensure that the factory's voluntary firefighters can correctly use fire extinguishers and hoses to fight fires In order to achieve the goal of being able to deal with emergencies decisively, combined with the actual situation of the factory, Zhejiang Chenyang Chemical conducted an on-site fire drill at 8:15 am on July 18, 2014. The factory leaders attached great importance to the fire drill, and cadres from various departments actively supported and took the lead in participating in the drill.

For this exercise, the safety and environmental protection department has made serious preparations, conducted publicity and organized relevant personnel to inspect the fire extinguishing bottles used this time one by one before the exercise, and ensure safety before using them. The procedures and specific plans of the exercise were reviewed in advance. , Climate, wind force, and wind direction were fully estimated and prepared. With the strong support of various departments, the exercise was smooth, safe and orderly, and achieved the expected goals.

In this exercise, all the employees of the plant participated in the exercise, divided into fire extinguishing bottles and hoses, and carried out practical projects such as gun heads, throwing and collecting hoses. Through actual drills, everyone mastered the use of fire extinguishing bottles and hoses. And skills. Volunteer firefighters have a strong sense of participation, high enthusiasm, and good results. Everyone reported that it is very good to hold a fire drill every year. Through on-site fire drills, it will be very good for future fire fighting work, which shows that the factory leaders attach great importance to fire fighting work.

Through this exercise, we have seen everyone’s enthusiasm for participation and the effect of the exercise, but also found shortcomings. The factory stated that it will do a good job in civil air defense and technical defense in future work, focusing on prevention and eliminating hidden dangers is a better prevention. . We must earnestly implement the system, assign responsibilities to people, check in place, and widely publicize, and treat safety and fire prevention as a major event. We must be thorough and detailed. Alarm bells must be ringing to ensure the safety of the factory and create good conditions for factory safety.

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