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Zhejiang Chenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. regards production safety as the lifeline of the company, and regards environmental protection as the foundation of the company's survival. It adheres to the safety policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management, full participation, and continuous improvement" and "standard compliance" The environmental policy of “discharge, energy saving, pollution prevention, and sustainable development” is implemented, and the management mode of “source control as the focus, process management as the means, and end treatment as the gatekeeper” is implemented, and strives to achieve the “company wastewater and exhaust gas treatment standard discharge, solid The waste standard treatment rate reaches the environmental goal of 100%.

The company strictly implements the EHS management system, has established an independent EHS functional department, and has a professional team responsible for the effective operation of the system. It has passed the three-level certification of safety production standardization. At the same time, the company is in the process of ISO14001 system and OHSAS18001 system certification. , Explosion-proof, identification of potential hazards, and warehouse management of dangerous goods have also established long-term mechanisms. The company pays special attention to the health of employees, establishes employee health records, and conducts regular occupational health examinations. Equipped with complete EHS facilities and establish an emergency management system. "

Promote clean production, save energy and reduce consumption, reduce pollution and increase efficiency, control major risks, and protect health; strive to achieve effective operation and continuous improvement of the EHS management system.

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